Finger-Picking Good

We have combined “pie stories” with the blog, so now all the personal pie stories and recipes that have accrued can be accessed here. That leaves a tab for the film credits, which will be listed soon. In the future I’ll be expanding those credits, including all the “thank you’s” that continue to pile up; I have some very generous friends and colleagues!

Speaking of generous friends, I want to tell you about Jeff Bruland, who has been a dear friend (along with his wife Judy and kids Arren and Molly) for a long time. I’d been working with a selection of musical pieces when I realized parts of the film would benefit from a specific style of music. Because of the “feel” of the film, I considered guitar picking as a music bed for scenes I previously thought should have no music at all. Jeff heard my plea and quickly recorded a couple dozen ditties for me to choose from. BAM! Those scenes became even more spirited. This week he laid down a few more tracks for me, and I look forward to reviewing them. Not incidentally, Jeff and Judy Bruland are co-producers of the film.