Getting Our Pie-orities Straight

Funny the questions people ask about the making of this film. One of the most common questions asked is if I ate a lot of pie while shooting and researching in Pie Town. There are, after all, two pie shops. Somewhere there is evidence that I was eating two pieces of pie at the same sitting but I swear on my can of Crisco that I was sharing them with Dick Rosemont.

How does one choose which slice to have when there, before you on two shelves, are gloriously laid out cream pies, fruit pies and chocolate pies? Do you choose cherry because it’s the queen of pies, and reminds you of mom? Do you choose green chile apple because you’re proud to live in a place where the State Question is “red or green?” Do you opt to go for something you’ve never had before, like pear/ginger? I’m a sucker for cherry pie so that’s my default. If I’m forced (and I say that with tongue firmly in cheek) to choose a second piece later in the day I’ll reach for anything with chocolate in it. Or Banana cream. Or mixed berry because that seems healthy…or…..

This conundrum reminds me of a scene in the film during which Pie-O-Neer Pie Shop fan Bonnie Mandoe discusses her ideal meal. Which pie would she choose as an “appetizer?” Which one is her “hamburger?” And more importantly, which one does she deem worthy of dessert?

So my question to you is this: If you could only have one piece of pie, which would you choose? (Go ahead, pretend you have all the choices in the world)

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