The Pie Lady Visits Santa Fe

Happy March to all Lovers of Pie, Film, and Art.

Fresh from a well-deserved break in Mexico, Kathy and Stanley brought half their Pie Town kitchen to Santa Fe for an event with food writers and critics. During the day we made pie, or cleaned up after making pie and attended food events. We screened the trailer for the writers/critics to applause and delight. How often have I heard “Kathy sure doesn’t look like what we would picture a ‘pie lady’ to look like.” She dazzles with her pie, sure, but it’s her ebullient personality that draws people. I was impressed with her ease when suddenly called upon to speak – articulate, succinct and warm.

They extended their stay and extra day so the four of us – Stanley, Kathy, Dick and I – were able to play ┬ámusic, watch the Oscars, take a hike, do some legal business, meet Baron Wolman for breakfast at Harry’s Roadhouse, have some delicious meals and talk, laugh and commiserate. Now they are on their way back to Pie Town to prepare for another year of pie-baking in Pie Town. They reopen the doors of the Pie-O-Neer Pie Shop on National Pie Day, March 14. We discussed having a huge reopening event next year when National Pi Day is 3.14.15.

I too am back to business: an assortment of dry business details this week. But I’m not complaining. This is a great adventure!

Photos: (1) Kathy and Stanley in our kitchen. (He was, I believe, out to prove that she eats and enjoys the fruits of her own labor.) (2) Kathy and Stanley having a margarita at La Fonda. (3) Pies lined up for the writers and critics.





























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