Little Crumbs of Pie Stories

On the “Pie Lady of Pie Town” Facebook page, people love to give their o-pie-nions about their favorite pie or offer delightful little crumbs of pie stories. Here are a few:

Sarah: “As the Pie Lady of Oracle, my prime motivation is to offer excellent homemade pie to folks who think they don’t like pie (perhaps they’ve only had “store pie”), and turn them into pie fans! Having earned a reputation by earning my money for fiddle camp by selling homemade pies, I took my art another step by making 17 pies and distributing them by free will offering to my fellow musicians at Rocky Mt Fiddle camp last summer. We made over $400 for the scholarship fund! My favorite pies are Rhubarb, Blueberry and Cherry! Hooray for pie.”

Monica: “My daughter can’t tell her Great Aunts apart by looks, only by some of their actions/traits. So, Aunt Beth is The Pie Aunt because she always brings pies to family reunions.”

Nancy: “Chef Pierre was a famous pie company in Traverse City, Michigan. One summer I worked in a laundry, and met Mr. Pierre himself! I wanted to invest in the pie company (Pierre was handsome and charming), but my parents talked me into GM instead. Chef Pierre was later bought by a big company. And my GM investment? Well you know what happened to that!”

Rowdy: “My birthday has always been celebrated with coconut cream. My dad loves his apple pie with a slice of good cheddar and then there is my Mom’s chocolate meringue pie. My dad always calls the meringue “calf slobber” as only an old rancher would! For most of my youth, mom’s cream pies, lemon and chocolate were covered in a 4 inch high calf slobber. I still can’t get my meringues to rise that high or keep them from shrinking away from the crust.”

Peggy: “My mom rarely made any dessert other than pie…many birthday celebrations involved pie adorned with lighted birthday candles. I carried the tradition forward, making pie from scratch for my friends (and gaining new friends with every piece!). My best friend that I gained through pie making (crumb topped apple) eventually became my husband…and 27 years and untold number of pies later, we’re still celebrating with pie.”

Bonnie: “When I was a young girl, we lived in Missouri, out in the country. We had wild berries growing all over. Mom would send us out with a basket and tell us to fill it up and we would have wild berry pies for dessert.”
Bonnie, I have to comment on this. When I was young and would visit relatives in a small town in Pennsylvania, it was quite a different life from my life in Detroit. I was puzzled when my cousins and I were asked to pick raspberries for pie. Where I came from, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. came in little cardboard tubs from the man who drove around the streets selling fruit that he and his family picked. It was my first real recognition that food doesn’t magically appear on the table.