Pie Inspires Poetry


In the trailer for the film, Terri Brown becomes emotional when she says that Kathy “makes every pie with love.” It is clear from this poem that she wrote, that she makes pie with love as well.

Thank you, Terri , for this lovely expression of the love and joy that pie can bring.


Pie Equals Love
The oven is warming
The crust is ready
The rest of pie making
Is making me heady
The chocolate is melting
While my mouth waters
Breaking each of the eggs
Oh my bliss, it has started
Love is the feeling
I want in, and out, of pie
Made slowly and carefully
It comes to you, as if, a sigh
The oven door opens
Ready to accept my gift
Producing smells that
Delight my senses and lift
My heart swells to hear
The timer going off
The perfection we call pie
It’s making me go soft
With each bite I can taste
The love hidden in disguise
This wonder and mystery of fate
Can only be found in PIE