The Rise and Fall of “Deelishus Pie Company”

Contributed by Marsha Boyer, Lansing, MI

When my grandson was 5 and starting kindergarten; he was not happy that he had to go to school everyday because he could read chapter books and he thought that he shouldn’t have to go until everyone else could too. I happened to be visiting with him for the day and we decided to bake his favorite; pumpkin pie! We were rolling out dough and he said “Grandma, I have a GREAT idea. If you would tell them at work that you aren’t coming any more, I would remind Mom that I really don’t have to go to school until they all read chapter books. We can start the Delicious Pie Company and make pumpkin pie for everyone. We can make apple and cherry too, but pumpkin really is the best. We will have lots of money and we can have fun too.”

We put the pie in the oven and he disappeared for quite a while into his basement playroom and came back up with a long rolled up banner that he had made. It read “DEELISHUS PIE COMPANY”. He told me that we were all set except that he had to make sure it was OK with Mom. You can probably figure out the result of that pitch. He’s in middle school now and I am retired. We still like to bake together and he still loves pumpkin pie the best; although he will tolerate apple or cherry if that’s all that’s available. So many times I have wished we could have done what he wanted; even for a short time. That will always be one of my favorite memories!