Thoughts on Creativity, Change, and Learning

When you’re an artist or a musician (two vocations I can personally relate to) and certainly in many other instances, it is vital to promote yourself. When you produce a film, a work of art, a piece of music, it is not time to be passive and shy. You produce these things because you are compelled to create and you want to share. Maybe you’ll get paid, maybe you won’t, but you want to give to the world that part of your soul that can’t stop creating.

I’ve worked hard on Pie Lady of Pie Town, and throughout the process things have changed. It was going to be a ten minute film; now it’s a 34 minute film. I began working with one particular crew but finished with another. The music was going to “A, B and C” but ended up being “X, Y and Z.” For me, though, this is the beauty of the creative process. I love surprises and twists, welcome the unexpected, encourage the spontaneous, and even though at times mutations are a pain in the wazoo they are worth every inconvenience.

Now the film is “in the can” and I enter the next phase: promotion and film festivals. Entering festivals presents new challenges. Which ones are appropriate for my film? Does anyone in the industry attend? Is this one worth the cost or is that one not? What format do they need to screen my film, and if accepted what format do they need to project it? What the heck are these new formats anyway: DCP, HDCam, BluRay? If accepted, how do I grab the attention of the press? Do I need to attend this festival, or that one?

I’m happy with what I’ve created, welcome the changes that have occurred, and thrive on learning what needs to be done each step of the way. Among other things this year I’m going to have to learn patience. Many festivals won’t notify accepted filmmakers until July, August, September and through December. Mom always used to say “patience is a virtue.” I’ll let you know what that means at the end of the year.